Subject Matter Experts

Amitava Bhattacharjee
Space physics, Astrophysical plasma physics, Fusion theory, Magnetic reconnection, Turbulence, High-performance and exascale computing
Ahmed Diallo

Laser diagnostics, Plasma physics

Fatima Ebrahimi
Theory and computational extended magnetohydrodynamics, Plasma physics
Philip Efthimion
Plasma physics, Electric and magnetic theory and applications, Instrumentation
Robert Ellis
Mechanical engineering for high-power radio frequency heating components and plasma diagnostics.
Mike Ford

Nuclear engineering

Stefan Gerhardt
Fusion energy, Plasma diagnostics, Plasma physics, Stellarators, Tokamaks
Erik P. Gilson
Non-neutral plasmas and beam dynamics, Plasma astrophysics, Magnetized liquid metals for plasma research, Advanced liquid centrifuge applications
Robert J. Goldston
Fusion energy, Plasma physics, Plasma exhaust, Tokamaks, Non-proliferation and arms control
David Graves
Low-temperature plasma, Plasma physics, Chemical and biological engineering
Hantao Ji
Plasma astrophysics, Magnetic reconnection, Magnetorotational instability, Dynamo effects and magnetic self-organization, Free-surface liquid metal flows across strong magnetic fields
Igor Kaganovich
Plasma physics, Nuclear fusion, Gas discharge modeling, Plasma processing, Hydrodynamics, Quantum mechanics
Bruce E. Koel
Materials chemistry, Plasma-materials interactions, Surface science
Rajesh Maingi
Tokamak devices, Plasma toroidal confinement, Plasma boundary layers, Plasma instability
Dick Majeski
Fusion, Plasma, Tokamaks, Walls for fusion devices
Jonathan E. Menard
Fusion energy, NSTX-U, Plasma physics, Tokamaks
Tim Meyer
Particle physics
Felix Parra Diaz
Plasma physics, Fusion
Yevgeny Raitses
Low temperature plasma and gas discharges, Plasma surface interactions and plasma diagnostics, Plasma thrusters for spacecraft, Plasma-based synthesis and processing of nanomaterials
Masaaki Yamada
Magnetic reconnection, Tokamaks
Michael C. Zarnstorff

Fusion energy, Fusion reactor design, International collaborations, Plasma physics, Stellarators, Tokamaks

Andrew P. Zwicker

Education, Science literacy, STEM