Innovation Network for Fusion Energy (INFUSE)

is a DOE initiative to provide the fusion industrial community with access to the technical and financial support necessary to move new or advanced fusion technologies toward realization with the assistance of the national laboratories. The objective of INFUSE is to accelerate basic research to develop cost-effective, innovative fusion energy technologies in the private sector.

The program mission is to expand the fundamental understanding of matter at very high temperatures and densities and to build the scientific foundation needed to develop a fusion energy source. This is accomplished by studying plasma and its interactions with its surroundings across wide ranges of temperature and density, developing advanced diagnostics to make detailed measurements of its properties and dynamics, and creating theoretical and computational models to resolve essential physics principles.

FES partnership awards are not financial awards made directly to applicants. Awards provide funding to a laboratory within the DOE complex in order to help eligible private-sector companies overcome critical scientific and technological challenges in the pursuit of fusion energy. DOE anticipates making as many as 10 awards under this pilot program, each with values of approximately $50K ‐ $200K. 

For more information, visit the INFUSE website.