PPPL is a Department of Energy Federally Funded Research and Development Center (“FFRDC”) that is administered under a contract with Princeton University. A key part of our mission as a DOE lab is to seek out partnerships with industry and academia in our mid-Atlantic Region and throughout the country.

Our close ties to both the DOE and Princeton enable us to provide access to  some of the greatest facilities and minds in the world and to conduct cutting-edge research.  We are actively pursuing opportunities for public-private partnerships that will help us to focus PPPL’s research on issues of interest to leading-edge companies. Through our industry partners we are excited for the opportunity to move the results of our research into the marketplace in order to maximize our impact in the world. PPPL’s Strategic Partnership Office is wholly focused on developing collaborations and partnerships to take our remarkable technologies into industry to make the world safer and more energy-efficient.

Through collaboration, sponsored research, and licensing, PPPL’s Strategic Partnership Office is focused on moving our scientific discoveries into the industries where they can make a positive impact. Often, new inventions have uses far beyond their original use. The creative minds at PPPL have made a difference in a wide variety of industries ranging from food manufacturing to communications. Our partnerships with the Department of Energy and Princeton University de-risks technology advancements by providing top-level support and testing.